Experimental Automatic Link Establishment Net

Over the winter there will be testing of an ALE system for SATERN.  It will be intermittent and on the digital channels, 3565 KHz, 5403.5 KHz (changed), 7065 KHz, 14065 KHz and 21065 KHz.

We will be using MARS-ALE for those who can license it or PC-ALE otherwise.  Stations will use RMS Express (RMSE) behind the ALE program in Winmor P2P mode.  I realize the dependence on fldigi, which will work behind the ALE but Winmor allows selective calling of stations as well as the ability to collect messages from an unattended station.  In addition RMSE is error correcting, which is probably critical during early phases of an emergency.  RMSE, as I understand it, will not broadcast.  It also has the ability to send and collect e-mails through the Winlink function, but that process is a bit tricky with ALE running.  I have not had good luck with port emulators so most of the time the KISS system works.

Once a path is established, NBEMS can be put in operation.

Net name will SAT, this is already established on the recognized ALE list.  I will create and post a basic .QRG file.

Operationally, the ALE should only be used once a certain DELTA level is reached and only during the duration.  Sounding will be on a 60 minute cycle, 2 channel per second for now and will run for 48 hour periods to accommodate propagation.  MODT should include your location to give other stations an indication of performance.

The program has a Listen Before Transmit feature and will prevent interference to other stations.

If you are interested in participating write me.  This will probably not happen until very early 2015.  A closed (invitation only) Yahoo group has been created to coordinate the efforts.

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