by AD5XJ

These are my comments on digital communications and are not necessarily all there is to know on the subject. As with everything computer related – there are at least six ways to do the same thing. Given this caveat, let me say this is opinion and not the complete story. I only relate to you my experience of 5 or more years using digital modes, and acting as the SATERN Sothern Territory Digital Net Manager for almost as long, to give you the benefit of my experience. I will leave the rest for you to research the references we will provide at the end of this series.

In this series of articles we will take a cursory look at some terms used in ham radio while talking about common digital modes. We will also take a look at some of the software available for digital radio as well as the pros and cons of each. What we present is not all the software available nor does it attempt to be comprehensive. There is no substitute for experience with digital radio and the associated software and hardware.

If you have been interested in what digital communication is all about, this series may give you a deeper understanding of the terms and uses of common digital software in ham radio.